My job (that I technically have but am still not yet doing, keep reading I explain I swear) involves some of the more repulsive parts of human interaction, what with one set of humans exploiting other humans for the first group’s own personal gain. So I’m sorry that I won’t always get to write an exciting travelogue that tells you where to get the best curry around.

Luckily, this post isn’t about human nature and how much we can suck at times! This one is more annoying than depressing. I still wish I didn’t have to write it. I do though, so here goes:

My visa was denied. I will not be working in South Asia next year.

I will definitely still be working for International Justice Mission, but I’ll be in a different office, probably either in Africa or Southeast Asia. I wasn’t given a reason for the denial. I was only told that the consulate is not legally obligated to explain their decision to me. They also lost my driver’s license. I’ll admit I’m uh just a little bit bitter at that entire country right now. So I’ll be starting the entire visa application process over for a different country, once IJM figures out where they’re sending me.

Anyways, for now here I am nannying and living at home, and I’m pretty sure that makes me a real writer right? I’ll admit that this whole shift made me angry. I’m leaving everything I’m familiar with, and that is actually one of my favorite things. I am possibly a little too addicted to new things. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there is an element of terror to the whole thing. I’d met and loved my team, knew my job, and was excited about the city. I had a certain amount of comfort. Now I’m starting over again.

There are positives! I get to spend more time with my family. I have almost exactly 0 responsibilities…

It is really disappointing that it isn’t working out like I wanted it to, but this is temporary! I just wanted to update everyone as to why the last time we said goodbye for a solid year probably wasn’t actually the last time you’ll see me.


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